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Assoc. Prof. Sema Koc | Antalya Rhinoplasty Doctor | Antalya Nose Surgery | Nose Aesthetics Antalya Prices
Assoc. Prof. Sema Koc | Antalya Rhinoplasty Doctor | Antalya Nose Surgery | Nose Aesthetics Antalya Prices

(Rhinoplasty) Nose Aesthetics

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Assoc. Prof. Sema Koc | Antalya Rhinoplasty Doctor | Antalya Nose Surgery | Nose Aesthetics Antalya Prices

Antalya Nose Aesthetics (Rhinoplasty)

Nose aesthetic surgeries are a surgical procedure that I have used frequently for many years. My rhinoplasty experience has been reinforced with the trainings I have received in many clinics in different European countries and in Turkey, especially in Istanbul and Ankara. In rhinoplasty, planning should be done individually. It should be aimed to create a comfortable breathing, natural and stylish nose that is compatible with the person's facial structure and angles. The application of current surgical methods and latest technologies is essential for successful results. As a physician whose number of surgeries I have performed has already exceeded 3000, I must say that rhinoplasty is one of the surgeries in which experience stands out the most.

The aim of rhinoplasty surgeries is to provide natural elegance that is compatible with the whole face of the person and breathes comfortably in line with the patient's wishes and the physician's recommendations. In male patients, the lines are sharper and more pronounced in female patients, the transitions should be planned softer. Elegance can be increased according to the facial structure with a slightly raised nose tip and a slight curve on the nasal dorsum in patients. The angle of the nose with the upper lip should be 90 degrees in men and 105 degrees in women. Patient happiness is the most important criterion of success in aesthetic nose surgeries. Before the operation, the patient's expectations should be listened to seriously. Then, with photoshop, other three-dimensional simulation studies, picture and video studies, the ideal shape should be designed in line with the patient's expectations and the physician's recommendations.

Surgical Approaches and Techniques

Two main techniques are used in rhinoplasty operations. One of them is closed technique and the other is open technique rhinoplasty. In closed technique rhinoplasty, no incisions are made on the outer part of the nose and on the nasal skin. The procedures are carried out under a slightly more limited view through incisions made only through the nose. Open technique rhinoplasty operations are performed under a wider view by making a 4mm incision from the lower part of the nose between the tip of the nose and the lip area. With a good surgical application, it can be ensured that there are no scars in this area. The surgeon should know both methods very well and should apply the appropriate technique according to the anatomical problems in the patient's nose. Curvatures of the nasal cartilage (deviation), enlargement of the nasal concha (concha hypertrophy), which prevent you from breathing with rhinoplasty surgery, If there is nasal polyp or sinusitis, these should also be done in the same surgery. I often use radiofrequency technology known as laser in nasal concha growth.

The techniques we use in both open and closed aesthetic nose surgeries are as follows; -Ultrasonic, piezo or diamond rhinoplasty

  1. Ultrasonic, piezo or diamond rhinoplasty
  2. Protective rhinoplasty – Preservation Rhinoplasty
  3. Push-down rhinoplasty
  4. Let-down rhinoplasty
  5. Reduction rhinoplasty
  6. Tiprinoplasty

Ultrasonic, Piezo or Diamond Rhinoplasty

I use this technology in almost every rhinoplasty surgery. The underlying mechanism of piezo (ultrasonic) surgery is the rasping or shaping of bones with three-dimensional sound waves without breaking them.

With this procedure, soft tissues, vascular and nerve structures are not damaged, so the healing is quite fast. Another advantage of this procedure is that postoperative swelling and bruises are considerably less compared to other methods and heal in a short time. With this technology, more elegant and stylish noses can be created much more easily.

In line with our experience in surgery, I aim to do the best without lagging behind technological developments and to maximize patient satisfaction. I am determined to be even more beneficial to our patients by following such new developments closely.

Frequently Asked Questions Before Nose Aesthetic Surgery

When is Cartilage from the Ear or Rib Used in Nose Surgery? The first choice in aesthetic nose surgeries should always be to use the patient's own bone and cartilage tissues in the nose. However, if there is not enough support cartilage in patients who have had several previous unsuccessful nose surgeries or severe nasal trauma, cartilage can be removed from the ear or ribs. When this process is done with the appropriate technique, it does not cause any deformity or loss of function in the auricle and ribs.

What are the procedures to be done before nose surgery ?

Before the rhinoplasty surgery, be sure to share with your doctor all the medications you are using and your habits such as smoking and alcohol use. As in all surgeries performed under general anesthesia, some tests are performed and an anesthesiologist's examination is performed before the aesthetic nose surgery. Fasting and thirst is recommended for at least 6-7 hours before surgery. Before the operation, it is recommended to discontinue the drugs that increase bleeding and have blood thinning effects (aspirin, coumadin, etc.) or switch to other drugs.

How long is the hospital stay after surgery ?

Since I use Piezo (Ultrasonic) technology in my surgeries, the bleeding recovery process is quite fast. I discharge my patients, whom I take for surgery in the morning, in the evening on the same day or in the morning of the next day.

Ameliyat sonrası alçı, dikiş ve tamponlar ne zaman alınır?

Estetik burun ameliyatı sonrası burun tamponlarını 1 ila 3 gün arasında ve burun sırtındaki alçıyı ise genellikle 5-6. günde çıkarıyorum. Burun içine kendiliğinden eriyen dikişler atığım için bu dikişleri almıyorum. Eğer açık teknik uyguladıysam burun ucundaki estetik dikişleri 5-6. günde alıyorum. Şehir dışı veya yurt dışından gelen hastalarımı 5. günden sonra evlerine rahatlıkla gönderiyorum

Is nasal packing a painful procedure? Which nose pads do you use?

I never use it because there is a risk of intense pain and bleeding when removing cloths and large tampons used in nasal surgeries in the past. I use special non-stick silicone pads with a hole in the middle to allow you to breathe comfortably. There is almost no pain and bleeding when removing the silicone pad.

How soon can I return to work after the operation ?

Aesthetic nose surgery is not a condition that requires constant inpatient recovery. If you are working in a job that does not require intense effort, there is no harm in working after the 3rd day. If you are in a professional group such as the construction industry, football player, basketball player (such as a football player) with a high probability of trauma to your nose, it will not be appropriate to work for 6 weeks.

Antalya What surgeries can be performed together with rhinoplasty ?

Problems such as enlargement of the nasal concha (concha hypertrophy), curvatures of the nasal cartilage (deviation), polyps, chronic sinusitis, which make it difficult for us to breathe together with rhinoplasty, should be corrected in the same session. Apart from these, botox, filling procedures, eyelid aesthetics, face lift surgery, lip aesthetic procedures can also be performed together with rhinoplasty.

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